Friday, October 27, 2017

Do You Even Clone, Bro?
Current cloning is not safe at all. And it is unethical to create a clone knowing that it's health may deteriorate or even be not ad good as an uncloned animal or human. Why would you attempt cloning when you know the possibility of decreased health when an uncloned organism is obviously much safer and better. In many places they do not let experiments have the embryo fully mature so they do not get the full affect. Because of safety and unethical reason cloning will probably stick to therapeutic and not reproductive. Scientists would like it to create reproductive tissue for people with injuries but we are a long way from that. But originally cloning an animal with the chance at decreased heath is unethical because that animal or person is being given unfair circumstances. 
I think there is a major role of ethics in scientific research. The possible ability to change or select they way your child becomes and even change their original genotype is wrong. It goes against God's creation and the way he created us and wanted us to be. It's also dangerous. If something goes wrong you could hurt or kill the baby you are experimenting on. I see the advantages to doing it. Because if we had some people with greater IQ's we could possibly solve major problems in our world. But each person is created differently by God in the exact way he wants us to be. And i believe we should not go against that. To research and experiment and find new things can be good until it becomes dangerous for those involved and it is ethically wrong.

Thursday, October 26, 2017


On many occasions Victor visits places with beautiful scenery. I think he goes to these places to get a new perspective and find joy in the beauty of the nature which God created. He first meets the monster in one of these places. He is in awe of the scenery at first but when he sees the monster he becomes afraid and consumed by fear. He reflects on how the nature has the ability to both captivate us and the ability to overwhelm us and fill us with fear. I do believe in sublime nature. I believe in God's beautiful creation to both captivate us and scare us.
Victor is the most ambitious. He was obsessed with learning and studying. He was obsessed with his creation in the beginning. He was obsessed with his creation so he didn't realize what he was creating. And when he finally created the monster he was no longer ambitious. He had met his goal so he was just finished. Until his creation started to destroy his world and take everyone he loved away from him. His ambition then became to find the creature and kill it. Mo's ambition was acceptance. It fueled him. He did everything to be accepted and when he wasn't he took it out on other people. They were both ambitious and they both couldn't control it. Their ambition eventually hurt them.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ethical Dilemma
I think part of the reason for Mo's actions are because of the way he has been treated. Part of that is him being abandoned right from the beginning. Victor created him then decided he was awful and just left him on his own. Mo feels alone and is an unfamiliar place and he is left to learn everything on his own. Victor shouldn't have left him on his own. He created Mo so he is responsible for Mo. Without a companion to go with Mo he is all alone and it isn't working well so far. I believe Victor shouldn't have left him alone in the first place but since he did I think he should've created a companion for Mo. I don't think it's much of a dilemma because i think it's obvious Mo would not do well by himself in an unfamiliar world and when he has to learn everything by himself. Mo shouldn't have taken it as far as to hurt or murder anyone but he also didn't know right from wrong or how to deal with his rage. So it's hard to say that Victor is responsible for all of Mo's actions but he should definitely create a companion for him.
Nature vs. Nurture
The only way Mo learns about the world he lives in is through his own experiences and through reading books. Early on Mo was abandoned and treated like he was nothing which ultimately led to his aggressive behavior. He sees mankind in a bad way because the only people he's ever encountered were awful to him and treated him rudely. Which does make me feel bad for him because it set him up for failure. Mo just had unfair circumstances which led to his descent of murderous rage. Mo's actions are definitely nurture over nature because of his upbringing. Victor abandoned him right from the start and without no companion for Mo he had to learn everything by himself. Mo had things like books to learn from. The books he found became super important to him because they helped him develop. The DeLacey family also affects him a lot. He learns from them by simply observing them and there actions. At the same time he is learning from his books. He never really meets the whole family but he does meet Mr. DeLacey until the family comes in and attacks him out of fear. But they still had a big affect on his development. I think big part of his murderous rage not only comes from being abandoned but also being isolated from people. Mo has no one to talk to and he is all alone which I believe would be eating away at him until he becomes unstable.